“Me, Sofia, I emerge from silence. I was born to spread brightness; me woman, man, multiple figure, eternal. I love the intelligence that is not stained, I enter in the brightest part of intellect. I foresee, reflect on and bring to the world the beauty of other minds. Me mirror, me infinite image of a superior sweetness”.

The image of Sofia is inspired by the fresco in the Chiesa di Santo Stefano in Soleto, in Apulia. At the centre of the apse there is the Hagia Sophia, that is the Wisdom of God, incarnated in Christ blessing by feminine forms. For us it is a symbol of women’s intelligence and genius, often remained hidden.

    Every plate was realised handmade in the workshop of Giuseppe Indino in Lucugnano, following the traditional techniques of ceramic processing. The plates, hand painted on illustration of Ylenia Comi, are limited edition pieces. All illustrations have Sighé Collection copyright.


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    30 cm


    1 kg


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