“So many are the images of me, that my silence is to undress me of all the attributes. Me that I give birth to, me that I show the way, me that I kiss kindly my son, me that I breastfeed, protect, support, delight. Me, Maria”.

The image of Maria is inspired by Byzantine frescoes of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Poggiardo, in Apulia. The visit to the museum of the frescoes that houses them is an immersion in the so precious details of that distant world. Maria for us is the sweetest figure, who cradles and protect us.

    Every plate was realised handmade in the workshop of Giuseppe Indino in Lucugnano, following the traditional techniques of ceramic processing. The plates, hand painted on illustration of Ylenia Comi, are limited edition pieces. All illustrations have Sighé Collection copyright.


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    30 cm


    1 kg


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