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Forgotten Women A Sighé collection

While everything around was silent and everything seemed destined to an eternal steadiness, an inner voice started to speak to us, asking us to listen to the golden silence that has been nestling for centuries in churches of small Apulian villages or isolated countryside.

There, frescoed in a simple magnificence, women forgotten for centuries were waiting for us. They were in those small churches, but above all, for a long time waiting, inside us. “Forgotten Women” is the first home décor collection signed by Ylenia Comi for Sighé Collection. Forgotten Women: Cristina inspired by Santa Cristina in Carpignano Salentino; Sofia, inspired by Hagia Sophia of Chiesa di Santo Stefano in Soleto; Maria, inspired by the Cripta di Santa Maria degli Angeli in Poggiardo.

Every plate was realised handmade in the workshop of Giuseppe Indino in Lucugnano, following the traditional techniques of ceramic processing. The plates, hand painted on illustration of Ylenia Comi, are limited edition pieces. All illustrations have Sighé Collection copyright.