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About Us

Our hospitality projects, enclosed in the small Sighé Collection brand, are born with the intention of giving a voice to the silent beauty of the places, bringing to new light ancient structures in a state of abandon with a meticulous renovation, as for Dimora Sighé in Alessano, or bringing stories of the places in the contemporary design of an urban structure, as for the Sighé Rooms in Tricase.

Our parents, Saverio and Claudia, were born in the world of construction; while we daughters, Elisa and Cristina, we brought together in the design hospitality projects our varied education and experience.

Elisa after classical high school studied foreign literature, cultural communication, luxury management and currently she works in the world of communication and public relations for luxury and high handcraft; Cristina after linguistic high school studied aesthetics and wellness and naturopathy, and after varied experiences in the world of luxury hospitality, has started to follow the family construction company.

Our intent is to represent places in a creative and original way, deeply-rooted in the tradition but in step with the times.